The Enjoyable Life Series is designed to enable men and women in all walks of life to understand what really matters in life.  It is about understanding why and how small changes to the way we think; the actions we take and why we take them, can have a significant impact on the quality of our lives and thereby support our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

They come to life via a series of Seminars - called Episodes. Their purpose is to provide practical insights following reflective and challenging questions and thought provoking inputs into how we can have a more enjoyable life. It's as simple as that!

They can be tailored to a variety of audiences and contexts with their core focus being Business, Community and Education.


Many a corporation would benefit from sending their people to one of my episodes as at the very core of them is the understanding of what Love is and how it makes a difference in a person’s life – work and home.

Many organisations including some I’ve worked in have sought the holy grail of best place to work through engagement surveys and invested loads in implementing action plans developed as a result of the surveys.  They’ve also pursued honourable causes of sustainability and well-being. 

Whilst all these are admirable and worthy causes that have a place, my belief is that the real key to unlocking the joy, the commitment and the performance of your people is to enable them to feel empowered to live their lives more enjoyably.  In empowering people to live enjoyably and through this bringing their joy to work the results that can be achieved will exceed expectations.



Our communities are full or individuals in all walks of life, many of whom have little access to personal development and resources they can call on to have them live more enjoyably.  The Episodes provide the opportunity to attend a seminar for half a day, meet, share experiences with and learn from people of other walks of life. Whether you’re a CEO or a super market checkout employee or any other kind of person, you will come away with takeouts and practices that if applied will contribute to living a more enjoyable life.  


The enjoyable life series can support higher academia  - particularly business schools, universities and other higher colleges of education – in preparing their students regardless of stage of life for their future.  Life skills in a world of constantly changing dynamics are important as they provide a useful and life enhancing resource in working out how to get through life in all its shapes and forms.  Our series of Episodes provide through the forum of different thought provoking topics useful insights, perspectives and learning that if applied will help set them on a path or strengthen their current path in life for more enjoyable living.