Quotes from our participants

Great charisma, great enthusiasm. Lots to reflect upon. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
— Siobhan, Watford, UK
Thank you so much for such an amazing and inspirational message. Love you
— Elizabeth, Shepperton, Surrey, UK
ELS gives the opportunity to take time out of a busy life an give yourself permission to think about and add clarity to different areas of life that otherwise can be stumbled through and gives you the chance to make choices that can enhance your life
— Lisa, Guildford, Surrey UK
This was an awesome seminar!! Well done!! So many truths and practical takeouts! Thank you
— Omotoye – Houston, Texas, USA
Awesome, knowledgeable session. Thank you!
— Abimbola, London, UK
I love coming these workshops. I learn so much about myself and others and always leave with a spring in my step.
— Leonie, Surrey, UK
Thank you Yetunde, you helped me decide against doing something today because it didn’t lead me to my purpose. It would have taken me back to my past instead! Bless you. There will be many more examples of life defining moments in peoples’ lives through the Enjoyable Life Seminars
— Katie – Kingston upon Thames UK
A fantastic journey of self challenge and exploration in a nurturing environment.
— Theo - Farnham, Surrey, UK
Inspirational in implementing day-to-day change in ourselves and relationships around us for the better. Putting new viewpoints on things that we might not always consider in the rush of day-to-day life.

A good example from my perspective that I took from the last session would be that I recently reconnected with a friend with whom the relationship needed a bit of TLC - one exercise in particular inspired me to get in touch and be more proactive at reconnecting. We’re well on the road to being good friends again and getting more out of our relationship collectively. Without ELS I probably wouldn’t have done this...
— Nick - Barnes UK
I would unhesitatingly recommend this series. Yetunde Hofmann has a unique gift for subtly drawing out areas for lasting positive change. The episodes are highly enjoyable; but the real benefits are felt afterwards in the renewed passion to tackle previously intractable issues
— Tom – Weybridge UK