Individual Leader and Executive
Leadership Teams

Our  methodology of coaching used is whole and integral. It is whole in that it is whole person centred – covering all aspects of a leader or aspiring executive leader’s life. The intention is that you build competence and capability in all aspects of your life – and therefore experience growth and development in your relationships, Emotions, Spirit and Body.

In more detail, these are as follows:

Cognitive: Your ability to understand a situation – e.g. business – intellectually and identify the possiblities for action, make accurate predictions and foresee potential breakdowns or difficulties.

Emotional: Your ability to understand your own emotional states, what you are feeling at a particular moment and why. It is also your ability to understand the emotional states of others even when they themselves may be oblivious to it or denying it. It includes the ability to stay present and available in relationship and in communication in the midst of strong emotional events.

Somatic: Your ability to observe what is going on in your own body – e.g. energised, heavy, vibrant, etc and to include this usefully in your own understanding. It is being able to tap into a perspective of yours that may be different from what is going on intellectually or emotionally.

Relational: Your ability to initiate or sustain mutually satisfying relationships. This competence includes being able to listen deeply and communicate profoundly and deeply with a wide variety of individuals and groups. Also included is the ability to see the world from different view points and be supportive of another’s intentions.

Spiritual: Your ability to create a life dedicated to the benefit of the greater good. To understand if there is a higher purpose at stake in your role as a leader in your business and/or in society. It is the ability to see how what you are up to is part of something larger than yourself, your company and your profession. It involves cultivating wisdom, insight and understanding of what it takes in the commitments and the projects that you take on.

Integrating: Your ability to eliminate all the ways in which you compartmentalise your life so that your commitments, learning, and values are present in all your words, thoughts and actions and relationships. It requires that you be open to continuous learning in all that you do and to be open to input and feedback from others.

Our coaching is Integral in that for the client leader it enables the following to occur:

  • New competency and skill development or an expansion of the application of existing competencies and skills

  • An ability to look at possibilities and situations from different and perspectives

  • An ability to observe yourself in situations and self-correct or self-adjust as required

  • A willingness to let go of firmly held ideas and ways in which you operate that may at times get in the way of your success thereby giving you more choices

  • Long term excellence – i.e. the long lasting ability to apply the skills and competencies developed to all domains of the client leader’s life





Aligning your People Strategy

Our methodology of aligning your people strategy is also whole and integral.  It is whole in that it is whole company/organization centered – reflecting all aspects of your organisation’s person and values whilst taking into consideration your current business growth drivers and required future business growth drivers.

Our intention is that you have a practical and commercially focused people strategy that strengthens your current and future leadership bench and is flexible enough to cope with unexpected headwinds which increasingly, organisations across the world face.

Our intention too is not to do your people strategy for you. Instead, it is to advise and present you with a detailed and straightforward roadmap that if implemented will deliver results exceeding your expectations.

In more detail, aligning your strategy will take into consideration the following components:

Capability requirements: Your current and future strategic growth drivers and the leadership skills, knowledge and behaviours that will enable your success. The outcome of this work is defining what talent and leadership is for your business and describing them in a way that is easily understood by your people and without jargon.

Succession needs: Your critical roles and the strength of your core leadership and talent bench as well as the strength of your pipeline in filling those roles now and in the future.

Culture: The behaviours, values and way of working that will support the success of your business now and in the future.

Development: The variety of methods of development   - traditional and non-traditional that if applied would increase the effectiveness of your leaders and accelerate the readiness of your talent. This includes the "how" of your identification of talent.

Sourcing: The processes through which you can identify your leadership talent internally and externally and accelerate their integration into the business and/or into their new roles.

Performance: The way in which you engage, inspire, manage and develop the performance of your leaders and emerging talent so that it avoids bureaucracy and results in experiences that are edifying for you and them.

Organisation Culture and Behaviours

Our methodology of aligning your culture and behaviors is also whole and integral.   It is composed of two halves.

Part 1: The first part is the diagnosis of the gap between your “As is” in terms of Love, Leadership and Results and the distillation of what will be required in order to achieve your “To be”.

Our premise is that your organisation is a person with a heart beat all of its own and that in order to embrace a new way of being it would need to understand its current limitations, let go of some old habits that have served you well to date and adopt and embrace a new way of being more aligned to your future goals. 

Part 2: The second part is the evaluation of the implications of this change on your leadership – individuals and teams and your people.   

With the application of well oiled leadership development and credible change management tools and methodology we will advise you and support you in the transformation of your organisation from its current “As is” narrative to the future  “To be” narrative required to underpin the nature of change required. 

We will design bespoke interventions to introduce and accelerate the change in behaviour, values and attitudes you want to see in your people and specifically in your leaders and leadership teams.  

The nature of our interventions will be integral and founded on our tenets of Love, Leadership and Results and may fall within some of the following:

Leadership programmes: designed to equip your leadership with the emotional awareness, behavioural change and role modeling required to lead change effectively and sustainably and from the heart.

Change Management programmes:  that provide for you, simple change management tools and the delivery of training workshops designed to equip your management and people with the ability to manage stakeholders effectively, present their case for change with love and compassion, and to align the organization and infrastructure around them accordingly.

Culture and communication: workshops that facilitate the ease of integration of two company cultures following a merger and/or acquisition

Collaboration for results programmes: that enable the different parts of your organization to work effectively together and develop a common and shared purpose from the heart and beyond what is agreed intellectually

Enjoyable Life Series Episodes which would be select programmes from our Enjoyable Life Series tailored and adapted to your context and designed to have your people leave with thought provoking insights, reflections and practices that if applied would contribute to them living their lives more enjoyably at home and at work.  We can also develop bespoke Episodes specifically for your people and delivered in the style of our Enjoyable Life Series

Where required and possible, we will deliver a programme for your own people and individual leaders to equip them with the ability to take our programmes in house so that they may live and continue to deliver results beyond our time of working together